How to reliquefy DMSO

One particular characteristic of DMSO is that it crystallizes under 18.5°C / 65°F and can even go solid and/or freeze if left long enough under this threshold. This does not spoil the DMSO and it is still perfectly fine to use. During the colder months the temperature during transportation can be several degrees below 18.5°C / 65°F, therefore causing the product to crystallize on its way to you. Here are a few tips how to safely reliquify DMSO in case this has occured.


What does DMSO look like when crystallised or frozen?

Dr. Moran's DMSO can arrive crystallised. Here's an example picture:

Crystallised DMSO


If DMSO is kept under its freezing point, it can even freeze:

Frozen DMSO



It takes a while for frozen DMSO to reliquefy. This is how it looks like after a couple of hours at room temperature:

Frozen DMSO


Note: DMSO can take up to a day to become fully liquid at room temperature.


How to reliquify DMSO at home?

There are three ways:

  1. Leave it to warm up to room temperature in a dark place. If your home temperature is under 18.5°C/65°F, it won't liquefy). It can take up to a day.
  2. Place it near a heater (do not place it directly on it).
  3. Place it in a warm water bath submerging the bottom half while making sure no water enters the bottle (keep the cap well closed). As per the picture, it will liquefy even if only the bottom is submerged. Here's how to:
Reliquefy DMSO


Note: DMSO should always be used in a liquid form. Best kept at room temperature between 20-22°C / 68-72°F.

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